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Uwe & Andrea Muench

a missionary couple, a German physicist and an American teacher, changing the world
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Welcome to Uwe & Andrea Muench's Homepage

A picture of us

We feel called to serve several nations on earth, especially the US, Germany, and Haiti, see the Locations menu to the left. We are blessed to be gifted with talents in different areas, see menu on top or the Calling menu on the left. We think that God will be using these locations and talents at different seasons in our lives.

We also have a variety of other interests, see various links on the left and throughout the pages. Feel free and look around. Have fun!

The subpages of this website will be updated at some time in the future... Hopefully... For now, the main information is below...

Andrea and Uwe became the parents of a beautiful baby boy, Lothar Mateo Muench, on July 17, 2017.

Uwe became a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God on Apr 20, 2017.

Uwe became a US citizen on Dec 19, 2018.

Contact info

Name: Uwe and Andrea Muench
Position Uwe: Assistant Professor of Physics at Oklahoma Christian University, Andrea: Substitute Teacher at Edmond Public Schools

Address (US):
2500 Woodhollow Trl.,
Edmond, OK 73012
Address (Germany):
Schmittgasse 92,
51143 Köln
Email address: muenchuwe (at)
Cell phone (Uwe): +1-573-489-4589,
(Andrea): +1-562-900-6795
Born in: (Uwe): Porz am Rhein (now: Cologne), Germany,
(Andrea): Whittier, CA, USA
Blood type/Rh-factor: (both of us): Null positive (0+)

Random outside links

Some links to good and interesting webpages that don't fit anywhere else... Enjoy!

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