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Uwe & Andrea Muench

a missionary couple, a German physicist and an American teacher, changing the world



Other interests:

About physics

An art picture in the physics department at MU

Physics is the science of matter and energy and of interactions between the two. In older terms it is the study of the natural or material world and phenomena; natural philosophy.

In Germany we started to study physics in fifth grade. I was intrigued by fascinating experiments and thought exercises that my teacher, Heiner Platzbecker, presented to us between 7th and 13th grade; in regular class as well as in extracurricular meetings. So I decided to study physics in college, I wanted to understand the basic principles that govern our universe. I studied at the University of Cologne and at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I received a diploma in physics in September 1997 and a Ph.D in physics in August 2002.

Please also visit my page about Teaching. On there I have links about Physics Education Research and my Teaching Philosphy. There are other, non-physics writings scattered across my webpages, too.

Below on this current page, I provide links to my publications. Other information, such as my CV, my diploma thesis, my dissertation, and papers I wrote during my physics studies, as well as outside physics links are on the following pages:


While doing research for a diploma or a Ph.D. you publish your new results in peer-reviewed magazines. You also put them on the pre-print server Here you can find my 6 publications in a few file formats and through links to the pre-print server. The copyright holders are the authors of the article (listed at the beginning) or the journal that published the article. You accept this copyright by copying these files. Please inform me, if you want to use these files.

  • A note on post-Riemannian structures of space-time. By Friedrich W. Hehl, Uwe Muench (Cologne U.),. Aug 1997. 3pp.
    Answer to gr-qc/9706068: O. Megged: Post-Riemannian spacetimes admit a causal structure, 1997-06-22.
    This other article had some errors in it. To prevent a publication of those errors we published our answer. This other article was retracted.

    DVI format: comment.dvi
    PostScript format:
    PDF format: comment.pdf
    Different formats from preprint server (gr-qc/9708007)

  • Nongravitational vacuum energy and the volume element of space-time. By F. Gronwald, U. Muench, F.W. Hehl (Cologne U.),. 1998.
    Prepared for Workshop on Modern Modified Theories of Gravitation and Cosmology, Beer Sheva, Israel, 29-30 Jun 1997.
    Published in Hadronic J.21:3-17,1998

    DVI format: beersheva.dvi
    PostScript format:
    PDF format: beersheva.pdf

  • Volume elements of space-time and a quartet of scalar fields. By Frank Gronwald, Uwe Muench (Cologne U.), Alfredo Macias (Mexico City U., Iztapalapa), Friedrich W. Hehl (Cologne U.),. Dec 1997. 7pp.
    Published in Phys.Rev.D58:084021,1998

    DVI format of submitted version: volume.dvi
    PostScript format of submitted version:
    PDF format of published version: volume.pdf
    Long version in different formats from preprint server (gr-qc/9712063).

  • A small guide to variations in teleparallel gauge theories of gravity and the Kaniel-Itin model. By Uwe Muench, Frank Gronwald, Friedrich W. Hehl (Cologne U.),. Jan 1998. 33pp.
    Published in Gen.Rel.Grav.30:933-961,1998

    PostScript format:
    PDF format: kaniel.pdf
    Different formats from preprint server (gr-qc/9801036)

  • Acceleration induced nonlocal electrodynamics in Minkowski space-time. By Uwe Muench, Friedrich W. Hehl, Bahram Mashhoon (Missouri U.),. Mar 2000. 14pp.
    Published in Phys.Lett. A271:8-15,2000

    PostScript format of submitted version:
    PDF format of published version: acceleration.pdf
    Different formats from preprint server (gr-qc/0003093)

  • Length measurement in accelerated systems. By Bahram Mashhoon, Uwe Muench (Missouri U.),. Jun 2002. 17pp.
    Published in Annalen Phys.11:532-547,2002

    PostScript format of submitted version:
    PDF format of published version: length.pdf
    Different formats from preprint server (gr-qc/0206082)

I also wrote two articles for the local newspaper in Columbia, the Columbia Missourian. Both articles cover the work of a scientist. These articles, which I originally wrote for a journalism class, are also available here. Copyright is with me and the Columbia Missourian.

  • Looking for answers. By Uwe Muench. Special to the Missourian. April 31, 2000. Page 5A
    This article covers diabetes research: By using specially bred pigs, MU researchers strive to understand diabetes, a disease that affects one in every 17 Americans.
    Text version: diabetes.txt

  • Motor oil mysteries. By Uwe Muench. Special to the Missourian. April 24, 2000. Page 6A
    This article covers neutron scattering research: At MU's research reactor, a band of scientists uses neutron beams to probe [motor oil mysteries].
    Text version: motoroil.txt

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